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What does Saints Guild do?

The Strategy

     In our time of societal and moral decay and collapse, it is apparent that the Christian must fight back and make a stand in every way he can. One way that we can focus on is the economic action. Commonly we think that we are fighting a good fight when we boycott and stop buying from businesses that, by seeking to obey their father the devil, attack the Christian faith and truth of God. This is a good action but it is also only a defensive action, that can feel good and may temporarily slow the constant onslot for a moment, however, it is often unsustainable.


     What we propose is an offensive approach that seeks to not only limit our funding of evil ideologies through our transactions but to give Christian men and women an advantage and to build community in the church between believers, instead of having us simply do without goods. Another purpose for this system is that non-believers are encouraged to use this system to find quality goods and services that are overtly made for the glory of God.

How it all works

A well rounded Plan for dominion (Economicly)

This company is designed to route all persons Christian and pagan to Christian business members that affirm the essentials of the Christian faith. (see link) Businesses can make a profile that can be searched through various filters so customers can find them. You can keep it basic or use your profile to

communicate with customers to better serve them.

Another feature includes the ability to collaborate locally and nationally with fellow Christian members to share ideas, fix problems, or collaborate to create new businesses that may become generational powerhouses.

A third feature is for church bodies, who, if they decide to, may become a member as a whole and then create individual profiles so that within the local body all the saints may share their talents.

Let’s Work Together

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